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Join the LED lightbulb Revolution and save 90%

UK households could be saving a huge 90% on their lighting bills, the 2nd biggest contributor to your electrical power consumption, simply by replacing their traditional light bulbs with eco-friendly LED alternatives. LED Hut is the leading online store for LED lighting in the UK, offering a vast range of top quality, competitively-priced LEDs to meet all your lighting needs.

Why buy LED's?

  • Energy efficient & eco-friendly
  • Direct replacements for old lights
  • LED bulbs last over 20 years

Why buy from LEDHut?

  • Bulbs available for every room
  • 5 year warranty on all bulbs
  • Fast delivery
  • Secure and safe transaction

See our fantastic range online at www.ledhut.co.uk


Solar PV? Run things for free!

Those with Solar PV installed will already know that more electricity is generated during sunlight hours than can be used in the house.uSwitch

Rather than exporting electricity to the grid and letting your home-grown energy go to waste, run your appliances when it is available, such as washing machines, heaters, tumble dryers, etc.

In doing so, you can increase the use of your generated electricity by as much as 30% and this will reduce your energy bill as you won’t need to pay to import it later.

Click here to find out more about Optiplug, the intelligent socket that switches appliances on automatically.


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"Don't leave your mobile phone on charge all night – it only needs a couple of hours."


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